Truths and Edits is a project established in early 2016.

As a freelance writer and former graduate student, I wanted to create a space to talk about contemporary and past texts that remain relevant today. Many of us are familiar with the traditional literary canon, but I've found in my experiences studying literature that there are just as many great unknown works as there are known ones.

This blog looks at a combination of the two without privilege, and it's only goal is to examine texts that can help inform our understanding of the cultural, social, and political issues taking place in the world around us. If the value of literature lies in exposing us to experiences and subjectivities different from our own, I think a blog meant to promote literature has to focus on why particular texts matter, why it's important to read them, and what we can learn from them moving forward.

In a broad sense, this blog was begun to curate a list of long and short reads that are valuable, thought provoking and necessary to those who want to read outside the box, but aren't quite sure how to begin escaping the walls of the norm.

While I utilize this blog for longer and more detailed posts, feel free to check out my corresponding Instagram account @truthsandedits where I post daily reviews and shorter commentaries on the books I’m currently reading and thinking about.

Truths and Edits is based out of Toronto, Canada.